Processing Payment

Charging your Members for Intros

While we do not yet have native payment processing set up, many organization leaders have successfully monetized their Intros Club by utilizing our Zapier integration in combination with a payment filter. We document how you can set up your charging system below. If you need help connecting your organization to your Intros Club via Zapier, please see our Zapier Guide.

Recommended Charging Method:

Tools used: Intros, Typeform*, Stripe*, and Zapier

*Note: Any form/payment method combination can be used, as long as the application connects to Zapier. We recommend using Typeform & Stripe, as connecting Stripe payments is directly available on Typeform. You can also connect directly to a database instead (if you are manually tracking payments).

Step 1. Finalize your Intros Matchmaking form

(See Matching Form page for more information)

Set up your questions

Navigate to the matchmaking form, and add your questions


Note: You do not have to enter all of your multiple choice answers into Intros. When members select the answers on Typeform - Zapier will automatically create those answers in the respective Intros matchmaking form question

Select your Matching Rules

Matching rules dictate how our algorithm will match members together


Note: Zapier does not integrate with our “Similarity Scale” question, so avoid adding this question type to your Intros club if you plan on integrating with Zapier OR uploading data using a CSV

Step 2. Create a Stripe Account

Sign up for Stripe

Utilize Stripe’s Pay as you Go pricing to get set up in a simple, no-risk way

Step 3. Create a Typeform

Align the questions with your Intros Matchmaking form

Create a Typeform with 1:1 questions as they are in your Intros club. Pay attention to small details, like single-select vs. multi-select questions

Connect to your Stripe account

Add a payment question (covered below) & connect to your Stripe

Add a required “payment method” question

(This way, members must submit payment before joining your club)

  1. Choose “Payment” question type
  2. image
  3. Add the price you’re charging
  4. image
  5. Set payment as required
  6. image
  7. **NOTE: If you plan on creating a subscription payment (ie charging members monthly or annually) instead of a one-time charge, make sure this is clear in your question/on your form. Typeform does not have the ability to automatically create subscriptions, but you can easily do so for each member (in 10-20 seconds) in your Stripe account. This is covered in step 6 below.

Step 4. Hook up Zapier

Sign up for Zapier

Head to Zapier.com & choose the plan that best fits your organization

Create your Zap

Add a new Zap named “[organization]’s Intros connection” (or whatever’s best for you, of course!)

Add Typeform block (trigger)

Connect your Typeform account, and select “New Entry” so that the flow runs each time a new Typeform submission is sent in


Add Intros block (action)

Connect your Intros AI account to Zapier, and select “create new member”


Match each question from Typeform to its corresponding Intros AI matchmaking form question

Test & Publish your Zap

Upon a successful test, you will see a sample member appear in your Intros club (this member is only temporary, and used to make sure you’ve properly connected your data)


Once your data is properly flowing, select “Publish Zap. You will then see the option to transfer any existing data, which is the perfect way to seamlessly transfer any members who have already filled out the Typeform


Step 5. Enroll your members on Intros

View members in “Uploaded” tab

Once imported from Zapier, members will show up in the “uploaded tab” on the Members page

Enroll your members in your Intros club

A. - Navigate to the “Kick-off!” step of your community checklist


B. - Select “Customize & Send email invitations”


C. - Select “Yes” to auto-enrollment, since members will have filled out all necessary matchmaking information in the Typeform


D. - Edit the email text for the auto-enrollment email on the left, and (optionally) the text for the invitation email on the right. Members who did not properly complete the Typeform (ie left many of the questions blank) and will be invited to fill out any missing information on their member profile.


E. - Send yourself test emails to confirm they are formatted properly. Once you’re satisfied with the end result, click “Invite”, and your members will receive the invitations!


Check member statuses

Members who receive the auto-enrolled email will automatically become active members of the Intros Club, and will show up in the “active” tab.

Members who receive the invitation email will show up in the “invited” tab on the “Members” page until they select “Join the community!” and complete the rest of their onboarding.


Step 6. Set up subscription payments in Stripe

Add new “Product”

Navigate to “Product” on the Stripe dashboard & select “add product”


Add the product name, product price (matching the price you’re charging on Typeform), and select “Subscription”

Create “Subscription” for each member

Navigate to “Billing” on the Stripe dashboard, select “Subscriptions”, and select “Add Subscription”


Add email of member who submitted Typeform, and select the “product” you just created


Select their card on file to create a subscription, and start the subscription


Optional Step: Create ‘Delete Member’ Zap

The Intros AI Zapier connection has a “delete member” option, allowing you to automatically delete members from Intros when they cancel their payment

You can set up another Zap that connects to wherever you store your dynamic member Typeform data (whether it’s AirTable, Google Sheets, kept in Typeform and periodically downloaded into Excel - anything works, as long as Zapier has a connection!)

  1. Create a new Zap named “[organization]’s Intros member deletion” (or whatever’s best for you, of course!)
  2. Connect to wherever you store your organization’s data
  3. Add a Filter block on Zapier
  4. Set up that Filter block that only let’s members without payment information continue on in the Zap
    1. Example: [member payment] EXACTLY MATCHES “unavailable”
    2. Example: [payment method] MUST BE EMPTY
  5. Add an Intros action block on Zapier
  6. Select “delete member”