Using your Members Page

Using your Members Page

Intros provides various avenues for member visibility. On this page, we will cover the features available to admins on their Members tab.

Accessing the Members page

You can navigate to the Members tab from any view within your Intros club. Simply click into your Intros club, and select “Members” from the top bar.

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Navigating the Members Page

Four different member views

  1. Active: This is where all members participating in the current Intros flow will show up. These members have all either A. accepted their invitation to the club, or B. Filled out the matching form & joined the club.
  2. Invited: This is where members who were auto-enroll or invited via the “kick-off!” flow will show up. Members will need to accept their invitations to activate their accounts (check out the “Inviting Your Members” page for more information).
  3. Uploaded: This is where members who were mapped in via Zapier or uploaded via CSV upload will show up. To invite these members, head to the “kick-off!” step of the club flow (check out the “Inviting Your Members” page for more information).

Sorting the Members Page

  • Search for specific members by name in the search bar
  • Filter by specific member answers to your organization’s matching criteria OR by specific Member Tags
  • Sort your members alphabetically or date joined

Export Member Data

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There are three member report downloads available:

  1. Identity: This includes member Email, First Name, Last Name, and Active or Inactive details of each user
  2. Identity + Details: Includes all information from the above Identity Report, as well as details that are included in “The Basics” section of your matching form (Job, LinkedIn, etc.)
  3. Survey: Includes all information from the above Identity Report, as well as all survey answers for each member

Import Member Data

This section will direct you to the “Import Member Data” section of the platform. Check out the attached page for more details on each option!

Member Tagging

Head to the Member Tagging page to learn more about the Member tagging process. The Member’s page offers admins the ability to create member tags and assign them to specific members:

  1. Head to the Settings tab, and add a member tag
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    Note: Manually created member tags can be edited & deleted at any point (see “Remove” lit up in the red box above). Automatically created cannot, since they are tied to specific questions & answers on the matching form and member profiles.

  3. Scroll down the settings page, and add a matching rule
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  5. Head to the Members Page, and add tags to specific members
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    Select “Update tags” and add to any member you’d like:


    Once you add a tag, it will show up next to a member’s name:


    You will also see all existing members with the same tag: