Using your Insights Page

Using your Insights Page

Intros provides multiple different views into your club’s data, on both an overall level & a per-member basis. On this page, we will cover the three different data views we offer, how you can filter them, and how you can download them.

Accessing the Insights page

You can navigate to the Insights tab from any view within your Intros club. Simply click into your Intros club, and select “Insights” from the top bar.

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Navigating the Insights Page

Three separate views

1. The Overview Tab

Here you can see a high-level summary of your organization’s metrics. You are able to filter by specific matching round or designated time period. These include:

  • New members (# of members who have joined your community)
  • Participants (# of members who opted in for matching round)
  • Intros Made (# of Intros made between organization members)
  • Intros Scheduled (# of Intros scheduled through our Intros scheduler)
  • Reviews Submitted (# of reviews submitted)
  • Match Fit (The percentage of matches that were a great fit based on user feedback)
  • Net Promoter Score (Your organization’s NPS based on user feedback.

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2. The Engagement Tab

Here you can see individual member actions and interactions with your Intros club. You are able to filter by member name, specific matching round, designated time period, or by specific member action(s).

Member actions we track:

  • Times proposed (member proposed times through our Intros scheduler)
  • Feedback submitted (member submits feedback after meeting with their match)
  • Profile updated (member updates their Intros member profile)
  • Opt-in (member opts-in for matching round)
  • Directory visited (member visits the Intros “Members” page)
  • Signed up (member joins the group)
  • Opt-out (member changes opt-in availability on member “Experience” page if no longer available for the matching round)
  • Preferences updated (member updates matching preferences on member profile)
  • Time confirmed (member confirms a time their match proposed)
  • Intro sent (Intros sends member their match)
  • Intro requested (member requests Intro through the member directory)
  • Left group (member selects “leave group” on their member profile)
  • Rejoined group (member selects “rejoin group” on their member profile)

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3. The Feedback Tab

Here you can see individual answers to submitted member feedback forms. You are able to filter by specific member name, specific matching round, or designated time period.

You will be able to see which member the reviewer was matched with, and all of their answers to the feedback form questions.

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Downloading Data

With the data download product add on, all three of the above tabs are available to download at your leisure!

To download your data:

  1. Select “Export data”
  2. Select the report you’d like to export
    • Select the time-period you’d like to export
    • Click “export to CSV”
  3. Click the “downloads” button in the top corner

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