How to use Intros?

What can Intros do?

Intros is designed as an engagement and experience engine for digital organizations. Intros helps you gather information about your organization members’ goals, provide them with a lightweight directory for accessing others, and automate the quality of introductions that used to only be created through hours of researching members and hand-crafting personalized notes. We’ve used Intros to: 1. Increase employee retention 2. Drive valuable investment partnerships in VC ecosystems 3. Improve Student Completion and Re-Enrollment rates in Online Courses 4. Catalyze subscribers of a Newsletter, and 5. Connect remote-members of a DAO. The power in Intros comes from its ability to be customized to your organization’s needs, and let the AI under the hood discover valuable relationships between members, that will drive your organization forward. Increased employee | investor | student | reader | member loyalty = An Increase to your Bottom-Line. See some examples below to start reaping the benefits yourself.

For Enterprises

You may find value in Intros if you have:

  1. Hundreds or thousands of employees
  2. Multiple offices around the country or world
  3. Remote-first or Hybrid organization with multiple divisions

Creating connection between employees is the number 1 way to reduce voluntary employee churn.

Intros has been shown to increase engagement amongst employees by 60%, when compared to hosted virtual events, employee “speed dating”, or happy hours. Intros can be utilized in a variety of ways across your organization, including:

  1. Connect recent graduates with other new hires to develop work-associated friendships as they enter the workforce
  2. Connect junior employees with more senior employees for mentorship and career guidance
  3. Connect employees across different departments to increase awareness of company direction and educate your employees on various aspects of your operating industry
  4. Connect employees within the same department across different offices, for tightening bonds between team members and increasing productivity

For Online Learning

You may find value in Intros if you have:

  1. A noticeable segment of your online course(s) do not complete the material after sign-up
  2. You offer multiple courses and a noticeable segment of your students churn after one course
  3. You want to increase the value of the course to members

In a recent case study, Intros increased the re-enrollment rates of online students by over 300% for multiple multi-course providers.

Intros can be utilized to bring value in your organization by:

  1. Allowing students to connect with others in the same course. This is proven to increase completion rates.
  2. Establishing an alumni system for your courses, and allowing members to join the alumni network upon completion.
  3. Pushing students to connect with others in different courses, inspiring and encouraging them to re-enroll or add an additional course.

For Venture Capital

You may find value in Intros if you have:

  1. Support an investor (LP) and founder network that requires significant attention
  2. Support a talent network that encourages builders to team-up as cofounders (ex: YC co-founder matching)
  3. Otherwise spend a significant amount of time focused on making introductions between others in your industry

Intros has been used to automate the “connector” function of VCs in their investor and founder networks, and similarly automate this functionality in co-founder relationships.

The automated introductions that we generate provide in-depth detail on why two individuals should meet, and the network can be configured such that you can avoid risking having VIP investors spammed with an influx of asks from founders.

For Newsletters

You may find value in Intros because we are living in a world of ever-present content surge.

Audience members are more transient than ever, and content-brand loyalty is very difficult to create through consistently providing quality content over time.

Finding people with which to discuss content, is the fastest way to create content-brand loyalty and increase audience member retention. Intros can be utilized to bring value to your audience members by:

  1. Connecting members viewing like-content with each other to discuss the content and polarize their preferences
  2. Connecting members viewing dissimilar content with each other to share their interests and encourage exploring your content variety

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