Getting Started

Welcome to Intros!

You can think of intros AI as the Chief Introduction Officer for your organization.

Whatever type of community you have, we connect your members in an intentional and personalized way.

Types of organizations we’ve worked with include:

  • Enterprises with 1000s of employees
  • Cohort-based Courses
  • University Alumni Networks
  • Venture Capital Ecosystems
  • Professional & Founder Networks
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Affinity Networks

Intros AI boosts engagement, drives membership value, and improves long-term member retention. All of this can be proven with in-depth insights we deliver to you.

The real power of Intros comes from its adaptability, and the power we give to you, to customize and bend it to your needs.

Let’s look at how you can boost your Intros knowledge, and start engaging your members in no time!

Your Intros Club Checklist

The left-hand column of this guide provides an in-depth roadmap for creating and launching your first Intros Club.

You’ll find this “getting started” guide under Welcome to Intros!

Similarly, you’ll find a “how to use Intros” guide on the homepage.

Then, Your Club Setup will take you through:

When basic setup is done, we’ll introduce you to some more advanced features you can use to customize branding or white-label Intros for your organization:

Finally, when you feel your club is set up exactly how you want it, we’ll walk you through rolling out to your organization:

You can easily keep up with your Club Health after you launch:

We’ve also created Resources to help with the Member Experience:

We also have information on Platform Integrations:

Even after rollout, you might find some value in one of our FAQs or additional guides: