Admin FAQs

Admin FAQs

This page covers commonly asked admin questions. Visit the Member FAQs page for member-specific questions.


How does my community join Intros?

There are three ways your community can join Intros: (View the “Inviting Your Members” tab for a full rundown of each)

  1. Use Zapier to import existing member data, and craft personalized invitations to invite or auto-upload members.
  2. Use the CSV upload feature to create members with pre-existing data
  3. Members can sign up through the matching form. The link to this form can be found on your admin profile, or through the “preview” button on your matching form setup
How are matches made between members?

Intros makes connections based on an algorithm customized by you. Create matching criteria by adding questions to your matchmaking form. Intros leverages AI to match members based on their responses to build meaningful connections in your community.

On what video platform do members meet?

Members meet on the Intros Video platform. Think Zoom, but cooler.

What happens if I change my matching form after members have joined my community?

When you change your matching form, members will automatically be sent an email to update their profile. Members will still be matched according to the data that they provide!

Do members’ responses need to be the exact same to match?

The Intros algorithm works by making the best possible match. While members don’t need to have the exact same responses*, the more they select in common, the higher probability that they’ll match.

If you choose to match on cross-group, same-group, or a combination of these rules, members MUST MATCH with someone who has (at least) one of the same answers. View the question-type breakdown for more detailed information!

Is random matching an option?

Yes! Go to your settings tab and check “Random”.

Will members be able to see my email when they receive Intros emails?

Standard Intros emails come from hello@intros.ai, with the option to CC yourself on all emails sent in the Settings. You can also make it so if members reply to hello@intros.ai, you’ll receive the messages.

Enterprise clients have the ability to send Intros emails from a non-public email address (ex: yourname@yourcompany.com).

How do I change the brand logo and colors on emails sent to members?

You can change this in settings!

How can I stay up-to-date on improvements to Intros?

You can navigate to our Launch Notes page at https://intros.launchnotes.io/ and "Subscribe" to updates!

Matching Flows

What is the difference between the three Intros flows?

Check out the Intros flows page for in depth explanations

Auto (Weekly) Matching: Members decide if they want a weekly, biweekly, or monthly introduction with someone else in the community. The reason it’s called Auto matching is because once you set it up, Intros takes care of the rest!

Ad-hoc Matching: The admin (you) decides when a round of introductions goes out. You can invite all members to the round with custom Intros invitations, and they’ll receive an introduction at the time you choose.

Event Matching: The admin (you) decides what day(s) and time(s) you’d like a batch of Intros to be sent out. New members will be able to opt-in via the matching form, and existing members will be able to opt-in via their Member profile.

Can I use multiple Intros flows at once?

There can only be one active Intros flow, though you can toggle between flows easily on the “flows” tab if necessary.

What medium are the introductions made over?

Intros are made over email. We also offer a Discord bot.

When are introductions made?

Auto Flow: You can edit the day & time opt-in and introduction emails are sent out in your settings tab.

Ad-hoc Flow: You choose specific days & times for ad-hoc matching rounds to be sent out. You can send invitations for members to join at any point leading up to the round, and the cutoff to join is 15 minutes before the ad-hoc round begins. Members can also opt-in via their member profile.

Event Flow: Introductions are made on the day(s) and time(s) you’ve chosen for your event. Members will opt-into these via the matching form or via their member profile.

Auto Matching Flow

What does it mean to “opt-in”?

Opting in for a recurring Intros club refers to the frequency your members would like to be asked if they want to receive a match in the upcoming matching cycle. The options are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

As the admin, you can control which options are available to your members on the settings tab. Members must opt-in at least 30 minutes before the chosen introduction day & time.

Example choosing weekly: If a member selects a weekly opt-in cadence, they’ll receive a message asking if they’d like to participate in the Intros round. If they click “yes” and opt-in every time, they’ll be eligible to receive a match every week

If a member who selects ‘monthly’ as their match frequency misses an opt-in, do they have to wait another 4 weeks to receive a match?

No! Regardless of frequency, if a member doesn’t respond to an opt-in email they’ll receive another one every week until they match. Once they match, Intros will wait 4 weeks before sending another opt-in email to their inbox.

What’s the difference between “opting in” for a matching round, and getting introduced to my match?

“Opting in” is when members let our system know that they’re available for / open to a match in the current cycle. The introduction email is sent a few days after the opt-in email, and is when matches are paired together & sent a scheduling link.

When are the opt-in and Introduction emails sent out?

The day and time these two emails are sent are decided by you, the admin, in the settings tab!

Where can I view the opt-in message?

You can click into the opt-in email editor on the Auto matching flow tab

How do members schedule a meeting with someone?
  1. Using the scheduling link on the Introduction email
  2. Member directory request (if your group has the member directory enabled)
Do members have to schedule through the Intros scheduling link?

No, they don't have to use the intros scheduling link.

However, this is how you, the admin, will be able to track whether or not members joined the meeting through the Intros platform. Check out the Insights tab to see what else you can track in your community.

The feedback form will also pop up directly after the video chat ends if you use our video link.

Matching Form

Can I reorder answers in a single or multiple select question?

The answer choices for single and multiple select questions are sorted alphabetically. This was a switch we made after product feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of alphabetical rather than manual sort.

A workaround that some groups utilize when ordering certain questions is creating a list: A. one answer B. second answer C. third answer D. fourth answer etc.


Over what periods can I view analytics on my Intros Club?

You can view analytics over the past week, 30 days, 90 days, or all time. You can also filter by specific Intros round.


How can I moderate the members in my Intros?

You can manually accept members to your Intros Club after they fill out the match-making form by navigating to your settings and turning on “Manual Acceptance.”

Can I edit member responses?

Only members can update their own profiles and responses.

How can I remove a member from my Intros?

Remove members by selecting a profile and clicking “Remove.” Note that when you remove a member as an admin, that email address will not be able to re-join the Intros club.

Members can leave and rejoin the club at any time on their member profile.

What do you do with members’ data? Where is it stored?

Rest assured that your members’ data is safe on Intros AI – we’ll never sell your data to third parties and we only use member data in so far as to enrich your community’s experience via fruitful matchmaking. You can read more about this in our Terms & Conditions (and it’s in plain English too 🙂). https://app.termly.io/document/privacy-policy/28e4208b-90a2-48a9-9865-c2513ebc5a36

Can members match with the same person twice?

No, our algorithm will not match the same people together twice (in the same Intros club).

How do members fill out the feedback form?

Members have three separate ways to fill out feedback:

  1. Directly after connecting with their match on the Intros video link (the feedback form will automatically pop up)
  2. In the “unreviewed matches” section of their member profile
  3. If members don’t fill out the feedback form after their Intros video chat or through their member profile, then they will receive the feedback form email 2 weeks after their match occurs.
Where can I view member feedback?

You can view individual member feedback on the “feedback” section of the Insights page

How do members access the member profile?

Via magic link sign-in through our Intros AI Website, or through clicking “already a member?” and entering their email on the bottom of your club’s matching form.

Either way, no passwords required!